10 Duck Army Remix Vines That Are Even Better Than The Original

Sorry, not sorry.

If you haven't heard of the 'Duck Army' Vine that's taken over the internet, then you might need to reevaluate your priorities.

Basically, a guy presses down on a duck dog toy and it emits a low moaning noise. Then, he presses down on a bunch of ducks and they moan so loudly, Heaven probably heard them. It dropped two days ago, and already has a whopping 65 MILLION loops (and counting).

According to Vice, the video was originally uploaded to YouTube by Kevin Synnes (aka kevin237), not Charlie Murphy, who turned it into a Vine.

Synnes told Vice, "I tried to embarrass my girlfriend by pressing one of the ducks. But I didn't get a reaction from her, really. So, I pressed all of them." Mission accomplished, I'd say.

Naturally, these ducks moaning in unison have sparked creatives all around the world to add their own spin on the Vine, somehow making it even more hilarious. We've rounded up some of the best LOL ones to kick off your day with a bang.

A duck army that lives under the sea

SpongeBob knows all about calling for action.

A duck army that occasionally plays sports

I seriously hope LeBron James has seen this work of art.

A duck army going in reverse

This sounds like the duck army is making a lot of noise in a library, and then the librarian shhhes them.

A duck army that attacks at dawn

A duck army that's not afraid to show its emotions

A duck army that'll ask the important questions

A duck army that's always hungry

One Direction are the OG Duck Army.

Or, maybe heavy metal bands are the OG Duck Army?

Nope, Backstreet Boys are definitely the OG Duck Army

Stay strong, soldiers.


Donald Duck Army

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