Nas Wants To Drop Albums Produced By Dr. Dre, DJ Premier On Same Day

Rapper also explains how the Game's 'Make the World Go Round' ended up on 'Untitled.'

A album [article id="1590927"]produced entirely[/article] by ?

Certainly a dream scenario for some fans and the artists themselves. Another legendary MC has been thinking about pairing himself with one of the producers he's had combustible chemistry with throughout his career. On July 15, while performing in concert, made a very public appeal to (who was not present) and said the people are waiting for them to make an entire album together.

Premo and Nas first collaborated on Illmatic, and ever since then, the legendary DJ/producer has given his lyrical friend classic tracks. But the two haven't worked together in quite some time -- to the dismay of many. Nas is hoping to rectify that, and the Queensbridge great has another production king he'd like to collaborate with as well.

"I want to do an all-Dr. Dre album," he told MTV News. "A whole thing with Dre and a whole thing with Premier, and drop 'em on the same day. That's the real thing. All right, I said it. That's what I really wanna do.

"I'm doing my dream," he continued. "If you could, wouldn't you do it? What else would you do? Every time I do something, it's, 'Oh, he's doing it because this and that.' Since my first album, everybody has an explanation of why. What am I supposed to be doing here? So I wanna drop the Dre album and the Premier album on the same day. That's what I'm thinking."

Now before you go bombarding Nas and his two track-mastering friends with talk of these albums, Nas did say he was dreaming out loud and hasn't had any significant talk with Dre or Premo. But another producer recently caught Nas off-guard and ended up with a beat on [article id="1591030"]Untitled[/article].

"I ain't know," he said of the Game's production skills. The Los Angeles mic arsonist rhymes on "Make the World Go Round" and also produced the track. Cool & Dre also have production credits on the song.

"He just hit me with the track," Nas added. "I was like, 'Oh, that's what's up.' The record was Game's record, so he's like, 'Me, you, I'm going to see Chris Brown. Nas, we gon' make this movie, boom, boom, boom.' It was his record. I guess [it was going to be on] Game's album. It was gonna come out now, but he pushed his sh-- back, so he let me have his sh--. He's a smart n---a like that. I was like, 'What you doing with this record?' He gave it to me. He's got so many bangers [on his album], I guess."

One of the big bangers off of Untitled is the metaphorically supreme "Fried Chicken" with Busta Rhymes. Nas and Busta compare loving women to eating poultry and pork: "Fried chicken, fly vixen/ Give me heart disease/ But need you in my kitchen."

"When I was doing the album, I knew there was certain concepts I had to do," Nas explained. "There were obvious concepts, so many things to touch on, on an album that's supposed to be the N----- album. 'Fried Chicken' was just a no-brainer. So I did the first verse and had it. I knew everybody was busy. I couldn't think of anyone to get on it. I had hit up Common and I hit a few people. Everybody was trying to get back, and I had to turn it in, like, yesterday. Then it just dropped on me -- boom! Who's got the science? Who knows all the science on all this sh--? The Godfather, Busta Rhymes. It was just perfect. I hit him [and] said, 'Please turn it around.' He was overseas. He knocked that sh-- out overseas, sent it to me. Done."

Nas is getting ready to head out on the road to headline the Rock the Bells Tour. A Tribe Called Quest and Talib Kweli are among the artists appearing on various dates on the tour.