'Catfish' Detective Nev Schulman's Top Digital Dating Tips: Less Emojis, More Face Time

The MTV star says online relationships eventually need to flourish in real life.

Nev Schulman is offering expert advice on how to navigate the rocky roads of online dating.

The Internet detective, who has coached and guided legions of the lovesick on "Catfish," bestowed his wisdom during a Facebook chat with Glamour magazine. Tops on his list of do's and don'ts: If you're interested in someone, don't delay arranging some face time.

"Meet up ASAP," Nev explained. "If somebody is serious about pursuing a relationship, they will make the effort to see you."

His next "don't" is a biggie -- mainly because it involves that smartphone feature we're all guilty of overusing.

"If you want a guy to show you he likes you, don't text with him," Nev said. "Tell him if he wants to see you, he simply has to come and find you."

He also isn't a fan of emojis. "Use them sparingly," advised Nev, whose upcoming book, "In Real Life," explores what he's learned about digital dating.

Another tip: Googling, or searching for your prospective paramour on social media, is crucial -- or as his co-host Max Joseph calls it, "digital contraception."

Most of all, Nev shared, don't just do online dating -- do real life dating. It'll keep both parties honest, and intentions will be much more clear.

"Typing 'I love you' is much easier than looking someone in the eyes and telling them," he said. And ultimately, all affairs of the heart need work, whether they started online or not. "Every relationship takes work and compromise."

Do you have any dating pointers to add to Nev's? Weigh in, and be sure to keep watching "Catfish" on Wednesdays at 10/9c!

Photo: Pamela Littky

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