Robert Pattinson's First 'Twilight' Memory? A Butt Injury!

'I was at my peak, my physical prime, and then ... ass done. The ass is out!' he laughs to MTV News.

In our countdown to "Breaking Dawn - Part," Kristen Stewart recently revealed to MTV News that she was so [article id="1696974"]anxious on her first day of filming "Twilight"[/article] that she almost passed out. "Almost" being the key word there, since Stewart recovered in time to film Bella's climactic battle with villainous vamp James.

But how did her co-star and leading man Robert Pattinson fare on his first day? Not much better!

"We were doing the fight scene at the end of the first one, and I tore my glute -- well, almost tore it, basically in my second shot of the whole movie, of the whole series," Pattinson recalled. "[They] had to get a physiotherapist to come in and massage my butt cheek for the rest of the day.

"That was the most prep I've ever put into a movie," he admitted. "I was there for three months working out and stuff. I was at my peak, my physical prime, and then ... ass done. The ass is out!"

Neither of these stories made it into our first-ever interviews with the two stars when we visited the "Twilight" set back in 2008. All Pattinson wanted to do was make jokes about the filming of Bella and Edward's first "French kiss."

"It's more of a Chilean kiss," he said, attempting to riff on the idea of a "French" kiss.

"What's that?" Stewart asked.

"Nah, that just wasn't funny," he replied. "But whenever we kiss, I just try and kill her all the time."

"And I love that. She's a sadomasochist, what can I say?" Stewart joked of Bella. "They're testing each other's limits."

"It's very kid-y, it's very sweet," Pattinson added. "And then it turns into hell, like all kisses do."

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