And The Winners Are... See Who Was Victorious In The Final Round Of 'Catfish' Awards

Before the show's Season 4 premiere, we're looking back at some of its most over-the-top moments.

Awards season may have officially ended after Sunday night's Oscar telecast, but there's one last set of hardware to hand out: the "Catfish" Awards.

Over the course of three seasons, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph have given viewers a glimpse into the complex world of online dating, exposing some of the Internet's biggest love frauds and bringing justice to heartbroken victims across the country.

But before they get ready to solve a new batch of mysteries in the Season 4 premiere (tonight at 10/9c!), we took one last trip down "Catfish" memory lane. We've already given credit to memorable one-liners and freak-outs, but these final awards are bestowed to only the most wild and crazy:

The Catfish King: Brian a.k.a. "Skylar Hazen"

If catfishing were a sport, Brian would, hands down, reign as the league's MVP. The 30-something online gamer admitted that he lured a series of girls into false relationships under the pseudonym "Skylar Hazen" -- all for personal entertainment -- including his most famous victim Jennifer. That said, it's no surprise that it took every ounce of energy for Nev and Max to maintain their cool during Jen and Brian's epic face-to-face meeting. And though MTV's dating sleuths kept it together, they gave Brian a very serious ultimatum -- a first in the series' history: Never contact Jen again. Ever.

The Catfish Queen: Mhissy a.k.a. "Mike"

Who could forget dear Mhissy? We certainly couldn't. In Season 1, Jasmine was expecting to meet Mike after two years of texts and Facebook messages. But when the meeting finally happened, Mike never arrived. Instead, it was Mhissy, who revealed that she was the mastermind behind "Mike's" Facebook account, stringing along Jasmine in an act of revenge. The two had been caught in a love triangle after falling for the same guy, so instead of talking it out, Mhissy concocted a fake online persona to mess with Jasmine. Needless to say, Mhissy had zero remorse over her actions and found a whole lot of pleasure in watching Jasmine fall apart.

Most Epic Nev Meltdown: Carmen Catfishes Antwane

Antwane had suspicions that he was being conned in his newfound online romance and, boy, was he right. It turns out his BF Tony was actually his cousin Carmen, who proudly confessed to her knack of scamming those looking for love on the Internet. The result? Nev let his temper get the best of him, and things got messy. Minutes into his meeting with Carmen, the host was taken aside and reprimanded by his crew for stepping over the line during the heated confrontation. After Nev gathered his composure, the rest of the chat went more smoothly. Well, kind of.

Most Epic Max Meltdown: Brian Catfishes Jen

The reveal of Jen and Brian (the catfisher formerly known as Skylar) is truly one for the ages. In fact, the face-to-face confrontation was so intense that it caused the always calm and collected Max to lose control. "Then why the f*ck are we here?" he angrily asked after Brian admitted to his lack of interest in serious, long-term relationships.