Don't Tell The 'Catfish,' But Nev And Max Know A Clever iPhone Trick To Catch Them

And that’s not all – the Internet sleuths are still finding new ways to help the lovelorn.

In a world where you're more likely to exchange a Facebook message than a handshake, it's easy to get lost in evolving technology. So, considering how quickly new devices, platforms and apps manifest, how do Nev and Max of "Catfish" keep up with the latest?

The sleuths, who now navigate Internet databases like seasoned CIA operatives, weren't necessarily experts at uncovering online liars while filming the show's first few episodes. But since then, they've made a point to remain in the know, they recently told MTV News.

"We found a bunch of different telephone lookup sites at first, and a bunch of them were not legit," Max says in the clip below. "It took us awhile to find Spokeo."

Nev adds that now, he and his buddy meet with production before filming each season for a crash course in the latest research techniques. Max, meanwhile, says that sometimes, it's the show's love hopefuls themselves who offer the most useful intel.

"Someone pointed out that on iPhones, every photo you take can be geotagged, even if you don't know that it's geotagged," he reveals. "Someone showed that to us on the show, and we started using it. So it's an evolving system."

Watch the whole interview, and be sure to catch "Catfish" Wednesday night at 10/9c!

Photo: Pamela Littky

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