‘Skillset’: Who Was The Worst Professor At Hogwarts?

Plus: The cheerleading moves from ‘Bring It On’ and updating Carrie’s iconic prom look

It’s the last episode of Season 2 of “Skillset,” our masterclass on high school movies. But I can’t throw my graduation cap before I get to talk about three of my all-time favorite flicks.

First up, Bring It On introduced us to the crazy world of competitive high school cheerleading. But it turns out that some of those insane moves — OK, a lot of them — aren’t technically legal. So how real is Bring It On? We ask Susie Knoblauch of the National Federation of State High School Associations, who oversees cheer battles, to separate the truth from the tinsel.

Then we talk about the most famous prom dress in movie history. Hint: It’s pink. It’s covered in blood. It’s Carrie’s, and costume designer Luis Sequeira had the tough job of updating the iconic gown when Hollywood remade Carrie 37 years after the original. That’s several lifetimes in teenage trends.

Finally, let’s go to Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, where the class subjects are fictional but the teaching styles are all too real. There’s good teachers and bad teachers, boring classes and classes that should be interesting but somehow still wind up being boring because the teacher doesn’t care. Dr. Melissa Johnson of Virginia Commonwealth University studied their teaching styles and discovered who the worst teacher is at Hogwarts — and it isn’t because they tried to kill their students.

“Skillset” will be back in early spring with our third season and a new theme. We’ll be traveling around the world in eight episodes, so subscribe to the show on your favorite podcatcher and join us for new adventures and a new batch of experts.

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