Iggy Azalea Cackles Off Rumors That She's A Man

Her name used to be Cody, OK?

Did you know Iggy Azalea was born a boy named Cody? Neither did she.

The rapper posted the hilarious rumor Friday morning (December 12), giving us all a good laugh.

The story she's referring to comes from a site called Huzlers. Here's a hilarious clip:

Huzlers Iggy Azalea

Huzler's source is wacky because, um, we're MTV, and Iggy never said that to us. Nevertheless, the whole thing is a great way to kick off the weekend, and Twitter had fun with it.

Iggy will be attending the 9th annual Billboard Women in Music Awards in New York City tonight, which is honoring Taylor Swift as Woman of the Year. But will Iggy be able to accept her Chart-Topper award now that her fake secret is out?

This is the second day in a row Azalea is addressing ridiculous rumors. Yesterday, she played around with the latest story about friend Demi Lovato, who, according to a random Twitter user, called a fan "fat" at a meet and greet and "flicked my vagina" and then DMed the fan to tell her to delete the story from the Internet. All this resulted in a hilarious back-and-forth with Iggy and Demi and some new vocab words for Iggs.

So, to all you gossipers out there:

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