New Taylor Swift Song Included In 'Valentine's Day' Featurette

Leaked clip features singer's 'Today Was a Fairytale' and castmembers talking about the holiday.

While fans wait to see [article id="1617348"]Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner fall in love[/article] on the big screen in "Valentine's Day" when it opens February 12, they can hear a bit of Swift's new song, "Today Was a Fairytale," in a leaked featurette for the film.

In the new song for the soundtrack, which will be released just days before the film on February 9, Swift sings about a magical day. Her song "Jump Then Fall" will also be on the soundtrack, according to The featurette also includes a brief scene of Swift swinging her hair while a TV crew stands around watching her.

The Web site posted a full track list for the soundtrack. Leighton Meester's duet with Robin Thicke, "Somebody to Love," made the cut, as well as "Cupid" by Amy Winehouse, Maroon 5's "The Way You Look Tonight" and "4 and 20" by Joss Stone.

In the featurette, members of the ensemble cast -- including Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Garner -- discuss the film and the ups and downs of Valentine's Day. "Valentine's Day ... it's like birthdays. People either love them and love to celebrate and get caught up in it or you just hate it," Roberts says. "Valentine's Day is tricky."

Jessica Biel also discusses the day of love in the clip, saying, "Valentine's Day makes people crazy." In the film, [article id="1623715"]Biel plays Kara[/article], who doesn't want anything to do with hearts or love or Cupid. Biel added, "It makes you feel like you should have someone."

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