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Twi-Fight Saga Enters Sweet 16 Without Jacob Black

MTV's 'Twilight' tournament suffers its first major upset as the wolf limps away from the competition.

It seems life is imitating art in MTV's epic Twi-Fight Saga. Just as Bella chose Edward over Jacob, so too have voters selected another "Twilight" character in lieu of the beloved shapeshifter. In fact, it was a member of Jacob's own wolf pack, Quil, who beat out the top seed to continue through to the Sweet 16 round of voting, which kicks off today.

Meanwhile, the saga's beloved bloodsucking couple advanced easily, as Bella bested mom Renee (awkward!) while Edward undid Alec. The rest of the Cullen coven is also safe, though it took a last-minute voting surge for Rosalie to successfully fend off Volturi guard Demetri.

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Only 16 vampires, werewolves and humans from Stephenie Meyer's canon remain in the battle for #1 "Twilight" character. The most noteworthy match-ups in this third round? It'll be a family feud as spouses Esme and Carlisle go head-to-head, Jasper faces off with his newborn niece Renesmee, and Rosalie tangos with Bella's dad, Charlie. Which Cullen will emerge victorious? It's time to pick your side!

Voting in the Sweet 16 round continues through Thursday, November 1, so head on over to to cast your vote now! The single-elimination rounds will continue, leading into a ferocious face-off on Thursday, November 8, with the Championship round. The ultimate winner will be crowned Monday, November 12, ahead of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" 's theatrical release on November 16.

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