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Vampire Weekend And Steve Lacy Get Jonah Hill To Follow Them With A Camera In 'Sunflower' Video

Ezra Koenig and the Internet's guitarist take a stroll around NYC's Upper West Side

Vampire Weekend have released a positively New Yorkean video for "Sunflower." The funky tune and its "babadoos"s and "babada"s has Jonah Hill directing the video adaptation and it holds continuous surprises from the moment it begins until its sudden, humorous ending. It's something that you have to see to get the full experience.

It's hard to put into words the brilliance in the video's subtle elegance. Hill approaches his director's seat for this one with the same attention to detail evident in his directorial debut Mid90s; camera angles are plentiful and they're often the unexpected ones. The camera continuously zooms around Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig and the Internet's Steve Lacy — featured on the track – who are taking a leisurely stroll around New York's Upper West Side. As the two walk around absentmindedly singing the song's lyrics, the funky backdrop is at odds with their somewhat blank, befuddled faces.

They wander in and out of stores and settle at gourmet market Zabar's and storied deli Barney Greengrass and run into a couple of surprising faces. Hip-hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy makes a sudden appearance soon after the video begins, while comedian Jerry Seinfeld shows up later and brings the funny by just sitting there. When he listens to a TV show pitch from a deli worker at the very end of the visual, it's played for laughs.

Vampire Weekend's highly anticipated fourth studio album Father of the Bride comes out on May 3. So far, four of the album's songs have been released: "Harmony Hall" and "2021" in January and "Sunflower" and "Big Blue" earlier this month.

Check out the Hill-directed video up above.