The Honeymooners: See Chonnor Begin Their Journey As An 'Are You The One?' Perfect Match

Are Connor and Chelsey enjoying life outside of the game?

Chelsey and Connor earned a very special "Are You the One?" distinction during this week's episode: The two were confirmed as the first scientifically compatible couple of the season (a happy Truth Booth moment, finally!), and now Chonnor are about to spend the remainder of the series outside of the chaos Hawaiian mansion to help strengthen their connection. That's right, folks: It's Honeymoon Suite time!

So how are the gentle giant and the lady he dubbed his "sweetie pie" enjoying paradise away from the cast of characters? In a bonus video below, it appears that things are going swimmingly for C-squared.

"I love it," Connor dishes, when asked by his PM if he likes being separated from the rest of the guys and gals. No hiding that massive grin on your face, bud -- but how is the level-headed lady adjusting to the HS?

"This is what honeymoon life looks like, kids," Chelsey gushes in the clip. "Happy!" Indeed, girl -- you're glowing.

But that's not all: The duo is certainly taking in all of the special sights the picturesque island has to offer -- and sharing some lovely bonding moments while exploring the Aloha State. More specifically, a few sweet smooches.

Watch never-before-seen footage of Chonnor -- and be sure to keep watching "Are You the One?" on Wednesdays at 10/9c to see who will match up next and join these cutie pies in the Honeymoon Suite!

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