Kendall Jenner's New Photos Of Sienna Miller And Kaia Gerber Are Cover-Worthy

She's just as good at taking photos as she is posing for them

As great as Kendall Jenner is in front of the lens, she has a passion for making magic behind it. Last summer, she shot her pal and fellow model, Kaia Gerber, for LOVE Magazine. For the British pub's #LOVEME17 issue, she not only appeared in its glossy pages, but had a few of her own photographs featuring some gorgeous faces on display, too.

Jenner shot portraits of Sienna Miller and Gerber for the mag, and she made a fast fan out of Miller, who gushed about the time they spent together on the shoot.

"I was so impressed with her as a photographer," she told LOVE?. "She’s definitely got an aesthetic. She was really professional, took it very seriously, and understood everything involved."

The feeling was mutual, from the sounds of it. As Jenner shared with Love, "Sienna was awesome. She’s so natural and completely goes into a zone, which I guess comes from how brilliant she is as an actress. She killed it. It was a day before we went into the desert, at the Beverly Hills Hotel so it was really intimate. She seemed to find it so easy and she was moving around a ton. We’ve met before but we’ve never hung out. She knows Cara [Delevingne] really well so it was great to get a chance to hang out with her."

Check out LOVE's current issue here. Warning: It'll make you want to run off to the desert in a glamorous flurry of gorgeous fabric ASAP, but thankfully we've got Jenner's photos to keep us daydreaming in the meantime.

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