Christina Milian Has Taken Her Relationship With Lil Wayne To A New, Permanent Level

This means forever.

Over the last few weeks, Christina Milian has gotten increasingly vocal about her relationship with Lil Wayne -- like last month, when she admitted, "I love him."

Her latest declaration of her feelings, though, is on a different level. The permanent kind.

See, it looks like the singer got a tattoo, which reads, "love hard…TnT," in honor of her relationship with Weezy. Those initials stand for Tina and Tunechi, it seems. She revealed the ink in an interview with E! News.

E! News

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 2.08.31 PM

Still, Christina -- or, Tina, I guess, if I'm allowed to call her that -- wouldn't quite confirm what it stands for. "You can make your special guesses, officially, unofficially, about what that means," she said.

Yeah, I'm guessing it's about you and Wayne.

Another piece of evidence: This week, she posted a picture of what appears to be a customized bracelet with two letter Ts, presumably given to her by Weezy. "Perfect. Thank you Bae. T n T #LoveOnFleek," she wrote.

#LoveOnFleek, indeed.

Perfect. Thank you Bae. T n T #LoveOnFleek

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