Does Lady Gaga's Meat Dress Remind You Of Mark Ryden's Paintings?

Lady Gaga in Franc Fernandez and Mark Ryden's Incarnation painting.

Photo: PictureGroup

Lady Gaga's third outfit of the night at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards was by far the most ... meaty. Literally. Lady Gaga wore a meat dress, hat, shoes, and purse by designer Franc Fernandez. What was Lady Gaga trying to tell us with this outfit, the look she wore when she proclaimed her next album title on the Video Music Awards stage, "Born This Way"? That the world treats her like a piece of meat? That she's the heartiest person in the whole room? That she could care less about PETA? This meat-as-art is an interesting perspective, one that we've seen before in artist Mark Ryden's work, who painted a picture named "Incarnation" of a girl wearing a meat dress that is similar to Lady Gaga's dress. Do you see the similarity?

+ What do you think is the meaning behind Lady Gaga's meat dress?

Lady Gaga in Franc Fernandez shoes.

Photo: PictureGroup