'Rock Of Ages' Star Recalls 'Jamming' With Tom Cruise

'It was pretty surreal jamming out with Tom singing 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn,' ' Diego Boneta tells MTV News of their joint guitar lessons.

For his breakout role in the movie adaptation of the Broadway hit "Rock of Ages," Diego Boneta could not have asked for a bigger -- or better -- co-star than Hollywood vet Tom Cruise.

"He's the hardest-working guy we've ever met in our lives," Boneta said, speaking for himself and co-star Julianne Hough. "He's so humble. I think that combination is something that really stuck with me. This is my first movie; this is Tom's, like, 50th movie. That is a rare and very special combination."

In the film, Boneta plays aspiring musician Drew Boley, a barback at the Sunset Strip's Bourbon Room, where Cruise's rock god Stacee Jaxx is set to perform his band's final show before embarking on a solo career. The role took months of preparation for the 21-year-old and his seasoned co-star, and despite their varied experience in the industry, both had to start at the beginning when it came to mastering the fundamentals of rock and roll.

"Tom and I were taking guitar classes together because we both had to learn how to play guitar, and it was pretty surreal jamming out with Tom singing 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn,' " Boneta recalled. "He was playing the solo, and I was playing all the chords and stuff."

Though this is Boneta's first film role, he may be familiar to TV audiences from appearances on teen favorites "90210" and "Pretty Little Liars." Next up, the actor will star in the new MTV series "Underemployed."

"Rock of Ages," which also stars Russell Brand, Malin Akerman and Catherine Zeta-Jones, hits theaters June 15.

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