Nick Jonas Doles Out Terrible Advice On New Single ‘Champagne Problems'

The second offering from <i>Last Year Was Complicated</i>

Nick Jonas has followed up “Close” with the second new single from his forthcoming album, Last Year Was Complicated, and it doesn’t exactly spell out the healthiest relationship advice in the world.

“Champagne Problems” describes the boozed-up end of a complicated relationship. Jonas and his partner haven’t been able to figure their love out and they’re calling it splits, but not before one last hurrah with an expensive bottle.

“So many reasons not to celebrate,” sings Jonas, "but I hate to see you cry, so let’s drink before goodbye."

It sounds like they’re not stopping with just that one bottle, either: "Just keep on, keep on drinkin’,” Jonas insists at the end of the chorus.

It’s probably not the cleanest way to break things off, but it does make for a catchy tune. Listen in below.

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