Michael Cera Goes Incognito At Comic-Con ... In A Gorilla Mask

'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' star was able to mingle with comic book fans at his own movie's event.

SAN DIEGO -- Comic-Con attendees who went through the "Scott Pilgrim" Experience for a T-shirt: Take a closer look at your pictures. Did you go up to a tall, skinny man wearing a gorilla mask and ask for a photo? If so, you actually took a picture with the star of "Scott Pilgrim," Michael Cera.

While chatting with Josh Horowitz during the [article id="1644281"]MTV News and MySpace live stream[/article] Friday (July 23), Horowitz noticed that Cera was wearing an official Comic-Con shirt.

"As some actors do go on the floor with a mask on, Michael put a mask on and lined up for his own 'Scott Pilgrim' Experience in disguise," director Edgar Wright revealed, adding that Cera designed his own shirt.

His mask was a gorilla, and a "fierce-looking one" at that. Apparently other people in line thought the mask looked cool, because Cera said people kept coming up to him and asking for pictures while he was waiting on the street.

There's a chance fans might have had some inkling that it was Cera under the mask (or if not, they just got really lucky), but he did his best to throw them off his scent.

"My body language got really weird, because I'd picture whoever this guy is wearing this mask. When people would come up to me and start asking for pictures, I'd go like this," Cera said, leaning off to the side awkwardly. "I had a really weird voice under there too. It was kind of creeping people out, I think."

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