Introducing Tokyo: Why David From 'The Real World: New Orleans' Has A New Name

He opened up about the moniker on the premiere of 'Homecoming'

David Broom entered The Real World: New Orleans back in 2000. And now, in 2022, Tokyo Broom is having a homecoming and living with his MTV roomies one more time.

Tokyo is not the only cast member with a different name (Kelly and Melissa have different last names since their RW debut because they are now married). Still, the group wanted to learn more about the Chicago native's decision to change his moniker during the premiere installment of the Paramount+ series.

"It's not like this major, major thing," the "Come on Be My Baby Tonight" crooner explained to everyone immediately after they settled in their Big Easy house. "I've been so enthralled and immersed in the Japanese style of writing that I got the nickname Tokyo. It's stuck ever since."

He elaborated: "I'm not saying I'm adopting the Japanese culture -- I am an African American, and I'm proud of that. But I'm literally trying to immerse myself in a world without actually being there so that I can tap into my inner writer." He added that he is passionate about manga stories, which he called "very deep."

Tokyo stated he plans to change his name legally, and his roommates quickly adjusted to calling him Tokyo. Watch Tokyo and the rest of the NOLA cast when new episodes of The Real World Homecoming drop every Wednesday exclusively on Paramount+.

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