Imagine Dragons’ ‘Levitate’ Is Perfect For Your First Date In Outer Space

Allow Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt to demonstrate

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt take the new Imagine Dragons song, "Levitate," very seriously in their upcoming sci-fi romance, Passengers. The free-spirited love song is the perfect soundtrack for their futuristic first dates in outer space. Who wouldn't want to hold hands while floating among the stars?

Sadly, real-life technology hasn't caught up to the premise of Passengers quite yet. But the "Levitate" music video, featuring footage from the film, shows you what intergalactic love looks like, and it's pretty swoon-worthy.

Lawrence and Pratt never have to worry about PDA, because there's no one else around. In the movie, their characters unexpectedly wake up early from a 120-year hibernation en route to a new planet. Everyone else is still sleeping, so they have the spaceship to themselves to dance, watch movies, go for a swim, and have sexytime. How convenient.

"Levitate" is available now on iTunes and streaming services, and Passengers hits theaters December 21, 2016.

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