This Punk Band Loves Miley Cyrus So Much They Wrote A Song About Her

Even if you're not a #Smiler, you'll dig this cool jam.

By Jessica Norton

Miley Cyrus is getting mad props from Bay Area punk rock band SWMRS.

The band, pronounced "swimmers," released their first single "Miley" on Uncool Records (which happens to be their own record label and sounds kinda cool to us -- TBH). The lyrics of the song will resonate with anyone who has watched Miley Cyrus transition from her cookie-cutter pop star days on Disney to her now openly free-spirited and eccentric ways.

The song states: "I used to watch you on T.V. / Now I see you on the web / And artistic pornography / You push the envelope on all sides / I can't get enough, alright / Miley you're a punk rock queen"

"I wrote this song about who she is now and how she's overcome this crazy shit, like the body dismorphia that she got from Hannah Montana," singer Cole Becker told i-D, "I respect her so much. In the song I say she's the greatest, because I think she is."

After receiving some mixed reactions over the subject manner, the band released a statement on their Facebook explaining:

"Our song Miley is not intended as a sweeping intersectional feminist statement and in no way reflects an alignment with the more problematic things that Miley says. It is a funny and heartfelt song about a girl we grew up watching on children’s program television pioneer adult film acting and break from a visibly harmful chain of corporate control (see her comments on her own body dysmorphia). We wanted to celebrate her evolution from a puppet to a free spirit who is learning how the outside world functions while in the public eye constantly, heading her increasingly popular lgbtq ally foundation 'happy hippie'."

Cole Becker, Max Becker, Joey Armstrong (son of Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong), and Sebastian Mueller of SWMRS are touring the US this fall, supporting Wavves and Twin Peaks, and will be prepping their upcoming full-length debut album -- featuring more jams like the recently released singles "Miley" and "Uncool."

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