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Bryan Singer Got A Tattoo, And Patrick Stewart Was There To Supervise

X marks the spot.

We don't know if getting fresh ink necessarily makes you a mutant, but it certainly counts as a commemoration of high-performing mutants.

Bryan Singer, director of "X-Men: Days of Future Past," got new ink at the Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood, CA recently to celebrate the movie passing $700 million at the box office. To make it even better, yeah, it would seem that it's a tat of the X-Men X. To make it evern more betterer, Sir Patrick Stewart, who plays Professor X in the movie, supervised the tattooing process.

Singer posted an instagram of the momentous occasion:

The tattooing madness doesn't stop there either. A thorough investigation of Singer's instagram (all 16 posts) shows that his assistant got an X to mark the spot -- "the spot" is $500 million box office -- as well, as part of a bet. It would also seem that screenwriter Simon Kinberg is part of the bet, so keep an eye on those calves as well.

Who's next? We're tempted to buy tickets until we find out who the X tat's next victim is.