Selena Takes On Lorde, Haim Does Miley: 3 More Covers We Really Want To See

MTV News breaks down some truly jaw-dropping covers that leave us wanting more.

Covering popular songs in unexpected ways for fun and fame used to be the YouTube star's game, but, recently, a cadre of famous musicians have decided to give some hit jams their own spin. Yes, from Haim to Selena Gomez, when it comes to covers, they have us, well, covered.

Below, MTV News breaks down some of the most out-there covers from the past week or so, as well as a few re-dos we're itching to see.

1. Haim Covers Miley

When it comes to burgeoning bands, you could certainly say that MTV's Artist To Watch Haim "came in like a wrecking ball." So, it's not really surprising that the girls opted to cover Miley Cyrus's sad Bangerz love ballad for BBC's Radio 1's Live Lounge.

Although the ladies recently crowed about their bravery to MTV News -- "Now, we're super ballsy! Nothing but balls," Este Haim proclaimed-- there was no nude riding of demolition equipment or dwarf dancing in Haim's cover vid. Bummer.

2. Selena Gomez Covers Lorde

Lorde -- a.k.a. Ella Yelich-O'Connor -- once told MTV News: "I feel like the influences that are there in the industry for people my age, like Justin Bieber or whatever, are just maybe not a very real depiction of what it's like to be a young person." That doesn't stop pop princes and princesses from giving props to the up-and-coming 16-year-old singer from New Zealand.

In August, Selena Gomez tweeted lyrics from Lorde's hit, anti-consumerism jam "Royals," later covering the song at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam.

"I'm sitting pretty on the throne, there's nothing more I want, expect to be alone." -Lorde

— Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) August 1, 2013

Seems like Gomez wants to "live that fantasy."

3. Madonna Covers Elliot Smith

Madonna delivered a pretty hefty mélange of sad this week when she covered deceased singer-songwriter Elliot Smith's somber "Between the Bars" at the premiere of her short film, secretprojectrevolution, in New York. There were also some shirtless men -- because, why not?

4. 30 Seconds To Mars Covers Rihanna

Jared Leto does away with the tigers and zebras and all the Bartholomew Cubbins swagger to deliver a simple, yet heart-ripping of Rihanna's "Stay." Tears, friends, tears.

5. The 1975 Covers One Direction

The 1975 might be more "Sex" and "Chocolate" than "Midnight Memories," but that didn't stop the English alt-rock band from delivering a pretty swoon-worthy cover of One Direction's ode to anti-vanity, "What Makes You Beautiful." Watch out Harry and Co.

Three More Covers We'd Like To See ASAP

Vampire Weekend Covering Drake

Vampire Weekend's cover of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" was a pure, awkward delight -- especially when they tackled T.I.'s verse. Next, let's see them re-imagine something off of Drake's newly released Nothing Was the Same -- like, perhaps, "Tuscan Leather." As MTV News' own Rob Markman points out, Drake easily transitions between rapping and singing on the record, so the Vampire Weekend guys could definitely bust out their rap chops again. Make it happen, dudes!

Katy Perry Covering Sleigh Bells

There are already more than a few crazy similarities between Katy Perry's new, darker persona and Brooklyn noise-pop band Sleigh Bells -- including an affinity for boxing outfits, '90s tiger stripes and brightly colored wings -- so why not go all out, Perry, and cover Bells' new pump-up jam, "Bitter Rivals"? We're almost certain that you and frontman Alexis Krauss have the same leopard-spotted wardrobe -- I mean, we've all seen your feline-flaunting duds in the "Roar" video. You're halfway there.

Beyonce Covering King Krule

Hey, we already know she's a fan of the British singer King Krule-- Bey endorsed his video for "Easy Easy" on her blog -- why not go all-out and do a cover? Sure, Archy Marshall's deep-dark voice might be hard replicate, but we think Queen Bey is up the challenge. Bow down and all that.