Method Man Talks "Blackout"

Hip-hop fans, prepare for the "Blackout.

That's the title of the long-awaited first album by the tag team of Method Man and Redman, due in stores on September 28. Fans have hoped for a full-length LP from the duo since 1994, when they first teamed up on the track "How High." More recently, they toured together on the highly successful "Hard Knock Life" tour, with Jay-Z and DMX.

Meth recently spoke to the MTV Radio Network about "Blackout" and revealed that it was during the Hard Knock Life tour that the album began to take shape.

[article id="1444706"] "Me and Redman, we worked hard [on the album for], like, two months,"[/article] Method Man explained. [article id="1444706"] "When we were on the Hard Knock Life tour, we wrote the lyrics for the album. We worked hard on that joint, we trying to bring it to a 'show' element. We're not thuggin' it, we're not gangsterin' it, we're not party vibe, we're just [saying], 'come to a show.'

That's how we made this whole album, like it was a show." [RealAudio][/article]

Blackout" contains 15 new songs, along with 3 previously released tracks, including "How High". The album was executive produced by EPMD's Erick Sermon and Meth's Wu-Tang bandmate RZA; guests on the album include L.L. Cool J, Ja Rule and Wu-Tang's Ghostface Killah and Raekwon (see [article id="1429414"]"Method Man Gives Props To L.L."[/article]).

Meanwhile, Meth and Red are also up for roles in a new movie, tentatively titled "How High." If you prefer to see the duo in person, though, you can catch them on their leg of the Family Values tour, which begins on October 19. That tour, which also features Limp Bizkit, Filter, and others, kicked off earlier this week (see [article id="1427696"]"Family Values Tour Announces Itinerary"[/article]).

-- John Gill

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