Fall Out Boy Nearly Done Writing 'Way Different' Next LP

Band plans to hit studio in summer of '06.

Let's face it. Pretty much every story written about Fall Out Boy mentions the kid with antlers in their video for "Sugar, We're Goin' Down," their 80's-leaning clip for "Dance, Dance," or some pseudo beef between them and the Killers.

Well, this story is different -- mostly. In fact, this FOB story is about something completely new, fresh and unexpected: a brand-new album.

Turns out that even though the video for "Dance, Dance" premiered this week on "TRL," the band is already hard at work on a new batch of tunes -- including the Brandon-Flowers' baiting "You Can't Spell 'Star' Without A&R" (see [article id="1511089"]"Fall Out Boy/ Killers Beef Gives Birth To A Song"[/article]) -- and plans on hitting a studio next summer to begin work on a follow-up to their breakthrough, From Under The Cork Tree (which came out in May).

"I don't know how much we've even spoken to our label about this, but we're going to try and go into the studio this summer," FOB bassist Pete Wentz said. "Most bands overthink what they're doing, and everyone's trying to be the next whatever, like 'I want to be the next U2' or 'This record's gotta be the next Coldplay.' We just want to write the next Fall Out Boy record.

"If you look at guys in hip-hop and R&B, they just put out record after record, and they just churn out intelligent music. And we're definitely writing all the time, so we're not going to try to squeeze every last drop out of the stone," he continued. "That's part of what's been wrong with the rock industry: they keep fans waiting far too long, and bands go away and disappear off the face of the planet. That's not the way it's going to be for Fall Out Boy."

Wentz and frontman Patrick Stump have written roughly a dozen new tunes, with nine of them fully formed and studio-ready. But just what can Fall Out Boys fans expect from the new tunes? Well, according to Wentz, they're a big departure from anything the band has done to date.

"They're way different -- the songs are way more soulful. They open up Patrick's voice a lot more," Wentz explained. "On the last record, the lyrics were about 'This is where we're going to be a year from now, and this is what you're going to be saying about us.' But this time, we realized that a lot of bands should spend less time running their mouths and more time writing their songs."

Sound advice. So with a songbook bursting at the seams and a tour schedule that's nearly as packed, can we look forward to hearing any of the new tunes during Fall Out's headlining stint on this winter's Nintendo Fusion tour?

"I don't think we're going to play any of them yet -- we have a hard enough time playing for an hour and 15 minutes -- we're dying after that," Wentz laughed. "But you'll hear them soon enough, because we're itching to get in there and record. We've got a name for the new album already [which he declined to reveal], and we have some video ideas we're really stoked on, too.

"Of course, we haven't spoke to anybody at Island Records about this yet -- but you should go ahead and print this, because it'll just make them sweat."