Instead of 'Fifth Estate,' Julian Assange Wants You to Watch...

Either WikiLeaks' campaign against "The Fifth Estate" has reached the level of being officially hilarious, or we need another cappuccino, stat.

'Cause we couldn't help but LOL at what Julian Assange has come up with to steer would-be viewers away from the theaters this time.

See, at first they did something interesting and ba-zing-ably appropriate by leaking the film's script — or at least a draft which his team claimed to be pretty dern close to what was used during production — and then ripping it to shreds by way of their own internal fact-checking system. This gave 'em a chance to get a word in edgewise and early for the seven or eight people who actually give a hoot.

Then their second little maneuver came along last week, when the site released a letter Julian Assange wrote to his cinematic doppelgänger Benedict Cumberbatch, denying him a boys-only date night to chat about all-things-Julian Assange (a subject which probably equates to some kinda siren song for the dude, who totally Googles himself on the daily). This was a bit more of a head-scratcher because it pretty much just made the Cumberdude seem all the more thorough, considerate and gentlemanly in his approach of the role, right?

Anyway, so now Act III of this play is upon us, and as a last ditch effort at steering us away from the cinema this weekend when "The Fifth Estate" finally hits theaters, Mr. Assange is offering up some alternative movie recommendations ... from the 2007 DVD bin, apparently.

Per Vulture, Assange web-chatted with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association about the supposedly super-dangerous pic and predicted it'll be a box office disaster because 'Mericans only wanna see "combative underdog" movies. Like what, you ask? Well, according to him, "There Will Be Blood" is the kinda flick he can get into. "That's a good film," he said of the not-at-all-an-underdog-story movie which won Daniel Day-Lewis his second of three (so far) Oscars.

So, of course we had to imagine what some of Assange's other oh-so-timely recs might include.

1. "American Psycho"

2. "A History of Violence"

3. "No Country for Old Men"

4. "Children of Men"

5. "Mean Girls"

All totally underdog stories, according to Assange's logic anyway. Prepare your weekend accordingly, then.