We Ranked All 63 DJ Mustard Beats From 2014

'Mustard on the beat.'

This was DJ Mustard's year.

The producer's sound was everywhere, from rhythmic to urban radio, from huge singles to mixtape cuts. And it helped to break new artists -- like YG, Kid Ink and Ty Dolla $ign -- and was tapped by more experienced ones -- from T.I. to Jamie Foxx to Jennifer Lopez. Plus, there were plenty in between.

As a rap fan, "Mustard on the beat, h--," may have been a phrase you heard more than almost any other in 2014.

So to reflect on the year in rap, we had to reflect on the Cali producer's year -- which included his debut album, 10 Summers. And we're doing that by looking back at all of his production credits for the year; as you'll see, there are a lot. We're not including songs that came out in 2013 but really popped in 2014 -- like Ink's "Show Me" or Ty's "Paranoid" -- but we are including everything else (we don't think we missed anything, but you'll have to forgive us if somehow we did).

There are no losers, here. Just varying degrees of heat. What was your favorite?

Keyshia Cole "She"

This single from Cole's recent album Point of No Return is one of a number of times Mustard dipped into R&B this year.

YG Featuring RJ, Tee Cee, Charlie Hood, Reem Riches And Slim 400 "When I Was Gone"

A few of Mustard's signature sounds come together to set the backdrop for this posse cut.

Justine Skye Featuring Tyga "Collide"

If it's not a YG or Ty Dolla feature that accompanies your Mustard beat, it should probably be one from Tyga.

DJ Mustard Featuring Fabolous And Eric Bellinger "4 Digits"

Fab and EB's ode to the iPhone passcode is what we needed but didn't realize in 2014.

Alley Boy Featuring Yung Berg And Joe Moses "Celebration"

For his Alley Shakur: The Soul Of A Runaway Slave mixtape, the DTE rapper put his 2Pac hat on and traveled West for this beat from Mustard.

Fergie Featuring YG "L.A. Love (La La)"

When Fegie needed a comeback track, who better to call than Mustard and YG?

Jamie Foxx Featuring 2 Chainz "Party Ain't A Party"

When the actor was making his return to music in 2014, who better to call than Mustard?

Wiz Khalifa Featuring Snoop Dogg And Ty Dolla $ign "You and Your Friends"

Mustard and Ty brought their particular brand of party to Wiz's Blacc Hollywood.

YG "Bompton"

The Cali native had to put on for where he's from on this album bonus cut.

DJ Mustard "Ty Dolla $ign Checks In (Interlude)"

With soft keys steering the ship, this one leaves you wishing it wasn't so short.


After "Momma Speech Intro," this is the first music we hear on YG's My Krazy Life -- and what a way to start.

Plies Featuring Tyga "Baking Soda"

Plies and Tyga headed to the kitchen for this one (no OT Genesis).

Diggy Simmons Featuring French Montana "Ain't Bout To Do"

As Diggy searched for a hit to take him to a new level, a Mustard beat was only right.

DJ Mustard "Tinashe Checks In (Interlude)"

We only got a short version of this on the album, but thankfully the extended one dropped shortly after.

Mila J Featuring Ty Dolla $ign "My Main"

Mila followed up her "Smoke, Drink, Break-Up" hit up by enlisting the winning tag-team of Mustard and Ty.

DJ Mustard Featuring Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa And TeeFlii "Deep"

We've seen it before, and again Ross' gruff voice and Wiz's carefree approach compliment each other well.

Meek Mill Featuring Ty Dolla $ign "She Don't Know"

We're still waiting on Meek's Dreams Worth More Than Money, but this collab bodes well for what's to come.

Gucci Mane & Young Thug Featuring Young La And Dk "Riding Around"

Gucci and co. gave us something to ride around to with this one.

DJ Mustard Featuring YG, Jeezy And Que "Vato"

Though this lead single didn't end up making Mustard's album, it set to stage for what was to come.

DJ Mustard Featuring Jay 305 And Tee Cee "Ghetto Tales"

From the beat to the lyrics, this one's got a quintessential West Coast feel -- including that Eazy-E "Boyz-N-The-Hood" reference.

DJ Mustard Featuring Nipsey Hussle, Tee Cee And RJ "Low Low"

Nipsey throws on his storytelling hat on this 10 Summers collab.

Jeezy Featuring Beanie Man And Ty Dolla $ign "Link Up"

Just weeks after the release of his Seen It All album, Jeezy had to get Mustard on the beat.

Vell "DOA"

The Oakland rapper and Mustard have developed chemistry, and got together a handful of times on his Stay Down To Come Up mixtape.

DJ Mustard Featuring 2 Chainz, Young Jeezy And Yo Gotti "Giuseppee"

Mustard got three respected Southern vets to talk their ish on this album cut.

YG Featuring Schoolboy Q And Jay Rock "I Just Wana Party"

Who wouldn't wanna party after hearing this one?

Vell Featuring Ty Dolla $ign "Childish"

Ty sings, "girl you actin' stupid" on the hook here, but who wouldn't act stupid when they heard this beat?

YG "2015 Flow"

YG and Mustard ended the year the same way the started it: With a banger.

Ty Dolla $ign Featuring Fabolous "Type Of Sh-- I Hate"

Ty only linked back up with Mustard once for his summer mixtape Sign Language, but they made the most of it.

Jennifer Lopez Featuring Tyga "Girls"

Though it only ended up making the deluxe edition, this track helped put J. Lo on people's minds leading into the release of A.K.A.

Omarion Featuring Chris Brown And Jhene Aiko "Post To Be"

A few R&B favorites got together for this new single from the MMG singer.

Hurricane Chris Featuring Lil Boosie "Rachet (Remix)"

If Chris was gonna be able to mimic the success of "A Bay Bay" in 2014, Mustard gave him as good a chance as any.

Khalil Featuring Justin Bieber "Time For Bed"

This wasn't the Mustard and Bieber collab we were expecting after some teasing on Instagram -- and it may be the least like anything else on this list -- but it's a good place to start for the two hit-makers.

DJ Mustard Featuring Iamsu! and AKAFrank "Can’t Tell Me Sh--"

This is the kinda beat that will probably make you look at someone and say, "You can't tell me sh--."

RJ "Ride Wit Me"

Some might be familiar with RJ from his appearances on Mustard and YG's albums, but he's also shown he can do it solo.

Vell "Run"

If Vell and Mustard keep this chemistry up, he's a name we might be hearing more from in 2015.

YG Featuring TeeFLii "Do It To Ya"

Mustard had what YG needed to drop one for the ladies here.

DJ Mustard Featuring Dom Kennedy, Royce And RJ "Throw Your Hood Up"

Dom and Mustard is a pairing that works, so hopefully we get more of this down the line.

Ty Dolla $ign Featuring Wiz Khalifa And The Weeknd "Or Nah"

This fun-yet-raunchy hit brought new us slang. And it wouldn't have happened without the beat. I mean, am I right, #ornah?

YG Featuring Natasha Mosley "459"

More down-tempo than most of the Mustard and YG's work, this R&B-tinged bonus cut offered a welcomed fresh feel.

Tinashe "F--kin' Wit Me"

Time will tell if this will replicate the success of Mustard and Tinashe's first go-round with "2 On," but it's got a smash sound to match.

DJ Mustard Featuring 2 Chainz And Ty Dolla $ign "Down on Me"

This early 10 Summers single proved to be one of the album's best tracks.

RJ "How U Feel"

How you feel after listening to this? Like Mustard gave RJ some heat, probably.

Sir Michael Rocks Featuring Chuck Inglish And Too Short "Ain't Nothing Like"

For his debut album, Banco, Mikey didn't use many producers, but he did grab Mustard for this jam.

French Montana "Don't Panic"

The Coke Boys rapper tapped Mustard for the lead in to his upcoming sophomore album, Mac & Cheese 4.

DJ Mustard Featuring Lil Wayne, Big Sean, YG And Lil Boosie "Face Down"

There's a reason this star-studded posse cut was one of the 10 Summers singles: It's one of the album's best beats.

YG Featuring Drake "Who Do You Love"

We need more Drizzy and Mustard after this one.

Que Featuring 2 Chainz "Rich Problems"

Spooky keys guide the production on this one from two ATL favorites.

Young Thug "LA Swag"

You could make the case that this was a pairing of 2014's hottest young breakout producer and breakout rapper -- and the results on record matched what we saw on paper.

T.I. Featuring Iggy Azalea "No Mediocre"

Tip couldn't have been any more on trend with his Paperwork single, pairing a Mustard beat with an Iggy verse (maybe equally on trend would have been a Young Thug feature with a London on da Track beat -- wait, he did that, too).

YG Featuring Lil Wayne, Rich Homie Quan, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj "My N---a" Remix

Yes, this beat is the same as the original version that dropped last year, but since the remix came out at the top of 2014 we decided to include it.

Vell "Right Here"

Clearly, the Oakland native linked with Mustard to cook up a few heaters -- including this one right here.

Jason Derulo Featuring Kid Ink "Kama Sutra"

Derulo and Ink didn't have a hit with this one, but they sure could have (see next item).

TeeFLii Featuring 2 Chainz "24 Hours"

TeeFLii and 2 Chainz sure did have a hit with this one -- with a beat that sounds eerily similar to "Kama Sutra" (even for DJ Mustard standards).

Jeremih Featuring YG "Don't Tell 'Em"

After a few year absence from the mainstream, Jeremih mounted his comeback with this smash -- plus, it showed us what YG can do on an R&B cut.

Gucci Mane & Young Thug Featuring MPA Wicced "Umm Hmm"

This Gucci and Thug collab will have you nodding your head saying, "umm hmm."

Kid Ink "Rollin'"

This 2Pac-channeling joint between Ink and Mustard didn't become a hit like their previous work, "Show Me" and "Main Chick," but that's not 'cause it doesn't slap.

Trey Songz "Na Na"

This one leaked in late December but was officially released in January, and was the springboard for Trigga's summer album.

YG Featuring Ty Dolla $ign "Sorry Momma"

A slowed down, horn-driven beat matches the reflective, somber mood of the lyrics here.

Tinashe Featuring Schoolboy Q "2 On"

This hit boosted both Tinashe and Q's profiles -- not to mention the Drake remix it spawned -- thanks to a foundation of Mustard's production.

YG "Bicken Back Being Bool"

The sonics and lyrical content here capture so much of what made YG's album one of the best rap releases of the year.

DJ Mustard Featuring YG, Young Jeezy, Nipsey Hussle And RJ "No Reason"

Anytime you hear this, you're bound to want to wanna pop "100 bottles in the club, for no reason."

Rick Ross Featuring Big Sean And Kanye West "Sanctified"

Mustard's co-production here gave the soulful Mastermind standout an added boost. Also, the above emoji-based music video is great.

Big Sean Featuring E-40 "IDFWU"

A co-production masterpiece, Mustard's foundation got some added flavor from Kanye West and DJ Dahi for Sean's latest hit.

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