Second 'Challenge' Chance: This Is How Darrell And Jonna Are Approaching 'All Stars' Season 2

Both made the Season 1 final -- but neither won

Two of the top All Stars final finishers are back on Season 2 -- and this time, Darrell and Jonna are both going to have to "work harder and dig deeper" if they want to take home the $500,000 Challenge prize.

Beginning with Darrell: The MTV veteran boasted a 4/4 finals Challenge record before All Stars; he nabbed first place on The Gauntlet, The Inferno, The Inferno II and Fresh Meat. But during the Season 1 final in Argentina, the Road Rules: Campus Crawl export had to accept second place to his fellow RR'er Yes (he trailed the Semester at Sea alum) by two points.

Now, Darrell is ready to take "the crown" on Season 2. So what is his strategy entering the unique game?

"I'm doing me," Darrell told MTV News. "I'm going to play the political game, be cool with everybody like I did on Season 1. Hopefully, I can make it to another final and redeem myself and get first place."

He is also going to take a different approach when it comes to chowing down during missions.

"When I see food, I'm just going to go and eat it," he said. "I love watching Naked and Afraid, so I'm just going to treat it like I need this nourishment, and I'm not going to look at the food. I'm just going to eat it. I need to do better at these eating challenges." Two Carolina Reaper peppers coming right up!

Meanwhile, "Jonna all day" was the top female finisher (she and Kellyanne tied for third place during Season 1 and it was her first time making a final). And as soon as the mother of two returned to her loved ones, she began to train.

"I got back from Season 1, and after I finished that final knowing how hard it was, I started working out the second day I got home," the Real World: Cancun roomie confessed. "I ran the final and was so close to the money. So this season, I'm coming back for the win."

Will Darrell and Jonna turn their silver and bronze performances into gold the second time around? Do not miss them -- and the other 22 competitors -- when The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 returns on November 11 only on Paramount+.

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