Marvel Wants To Wrap 'Spider-Man' Before They Talk Spin-Offs

But psssst: They think Spider-Gwen is cool.

With the Spider-Man movie franchise getting rebooted for the second time in a decade, the opportunity is clearly ripe for a whole new world of spiderstuff -- including a spin-off or two featuring the web-slinging superhero.

But while the rest of us are dreaming giant, sprawling dreams about a world in which super-spider-people are as numerous as actual spiders, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has just one goal in mind: Getting Spider-Man back onscreen, and back in the Marvel universe where he belongs.

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At an LA event celebrating the in-home release of “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” Feige told MTV News that for now, nobody is thinking beyond the stand-alone "Spider-Man" that will feature Tom Holland suiting up as Spidey.

"Well, there could be [spin-offs]," Feige said. "But the truth is, our job right now is that single Spider-Man movie based in the MCU. And that's where all our focus is."

However, when it does come time to think about spin-offs -- y'know, if spin-offs were a thing you were thinking about -- then both Feige and "Avengers" executive producer Jeremy Latcham sounded mighty interested in a certain fantasy mashup starring Emma Stone as Spider-Gwen.



At the time of the interview, neither of the men had seen the Vulture trailer featuring Stone in the Spidey suit, but we're betting they remedied that situation immediately thereafter, because both of them spoke up at once to say that it sounded "cool."

Feige added, "I think Spider-Gwen in the comics is cool."

Which is obviously a vast understatement if you're talking about the possibility of a "Spider-Gwen" movie.

But that's probably just because they're hiding their enthusiasm on purpose, lest we all get so excited about seeing Emma Stone as a superhero that we set the entire world on fire. Which, let's be honest, would not be an inappropriate response.

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