Alex Proyas Explains Chilly Fox Relationship Means He'll Never Direct Silver Surfer Movie

There may be more to it than that, he told MTV News. Although he wouldn’t go so far as to say there was ever an official offer, why would he never even consider a “Silver Surfer” movie?

“Because it’s a Fox picture,” the “Dark City” helmer said. “And I’m determined never to work with them ever again because of my experience on ‘I,Robot.’”

That’s bad news for fans of the first family of crimefighting and their various spin-off characters (like Surfer) since, as Chris Evans told MTV first last March, a ‘Fantastic Four 3” is probably never going to happen.

Of course, nobody really liked “Fantastic Four 2,” especially the subplot with the Surfer, Proyas argued.

“It’s like the origin of Silver Surfer was in that movie, and I’m going, ‘This is such a f--king great story, why throw it away?’” Proyas wondered. “I think they messed it up.”

So with Surfer out of the way (and, for that matter, the F4 or the X-Men, both Fox properties) is there a comic book hero or villain Proyas would like to adapt?

“You know, there aren’t that many left,” he sighed. “Silver Surfer would have been something I would have loved to have done. He’s one of the last cool ones left, really." (Hear about one property Proyas is adapting -- Dracula -- on the MTV Movies Blog).

“But yeah,” he added. “If you have any thoughts, give me a call.”

We’ll do you one better, Mr. Proyas – we’ll drop you a line. Is there a comic property you’d like to see Proyas adapt? Sound off below!

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