Here's What The Cast Of 'Bring It On' Kept From The Set

Who's got the Spirit Stick?

In the 15 years (!!!) since "Bring It On" was released, the film has gained millions of fans and more than earned its hallowed place in the annals of iconic teen cinema. However, the Kirsten Dunst-starring cheerleader flick wasn't always such a sure hit: as our oral history of the film reveals, everyone from the film's stars to its producers were iffy on the prospect of success.

That is, before the opening weekend of "Bring It On," when the film more than doubled its projected box office earnings.

Given the film's astronomical rise and its role in cementing the careers of many of its young stars, you would think that Kirsten Dunst would have a spirit stick front and center on her mantlepiece, or that Eliza Dushku would have a bronzed cheerleading shoe hanging around somewhere.

As MTV News learned while reporting the oral history, that's not necessarily the case. After all, do you know you're making important memories while you're making them?

Ahead, find out what the stars of the movie did -- and didn't -- keep from the set.

Kirsten Dunst


"I don’t have anything, I didn’t know this movie I'd be able to auction something up on EBay. I wish I had a cheerleading outfit."

Gabrielle Union


"I have my cheerleading uniform somewhere. I just found it a few moves ago, but yeah I did not fit into it at the time I was trying to put it on. More than that, it was really my memories and the friendships –- those live on... And one day maybe I can get back into my 'Bring It On' uniform."

Eliza Dushku


"Only the wonderful memories, dear. Only the memories and stories that I will take to the grave."

Lindsay Sloane


"Um, I think I kept my [chicken cutlet] breasts. I know I kept the back of my chair – my director’s chair – and I remember I think Peyton got us all cheerleading whistles, silver Tiffany cheerleading whistles with our names engraved on it and I still have that and love it. I mean, that’s just such a keepsake, my daughter will have that one day."

Jesse Bradford


"I wish I had that t-shirt. Jerry Lewis and the Killers. I wish I had the Clash t-shirt too."

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