The Hot 'Men And Coffee' Instagram Is Worth Waking Up Early For

Turns out drinking coffee can be just as seductive as reading on the train.

Move over, @hotdudesreading -- there's a new Insta in town. @menandcoffee has been showing off hunky dudes casually sipping coffee since last November. There's even a sister account, @womenandcoffee, because fair is fair.

The account is the mastermind of Alex Tooby, who spoke to Daily Mail Online about how the idea came to her.

"The idea for Men and Coffee came up randomly in conversation with a friend of mine," Tooby said. "We were just having a girls night, discussing how pleasant the two things were together. Since I work in social media, the first thing I did was head to the internet to see if anyone had a similar brand. To my surprise, no one was doing this, so I jumped on it that night and made the Instagram account Men and Coffee."

Fans can submit their own photos using the hashtag #menandcoffee, but Tooby is very particular about which pics make the cut.

"I choose photos for the feed based on composition," she explained. "I think a lot of our popularity comes from the quality of images I chose to feature in the feed. Additionally, I do custom editing to each and every photo so that there is an consistent theme throughout.'

She certainly kills it at the Instagram game, that's for sure. Check out a few of our favorite pics -- though tbh, they're ALL our favorite -- below.

And of course...

LOL. All that's missing now is an Insta for hot dudes reading WHILE drinking coffee. Someone please get on that.

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