Tove Lo Will Never, Ever Apologize For Flashing Her Boobs

The singer talks sex and censorship in a bold new interview

After admitting last year that she frees the nipple “pretty often,” Tove Lo isn’t stopping anytime soon. The 29-year-old singer recently struck a pose for Time Out New York and went totally topless ... except for a star-shaped pasty strategically covering her nipple.

In the accompanying interview, Tove shed some light on her trippy short film Fairy Dust, released last November in conjunction with her sophomore album, Lady Wood. The NSFW visual was banned by YouTube after its release (probably because of the intense masturbation scene), prompting Tove to tweet at the time, “Seriously, we can see a guy get shot in the head without any problems. Yes, I’m masturbating, but why is female sexuality so scary?”

She told Time Out about the gritty self-pleasuring scene, “I was the least nervous. I wouldn’t have done it if I wasn’t sure I could ... they filmed all the way through.”

The self-proclaimed “Cool Girl” went on to explain that she has absolutely zero problems with nudity or sex (shocker!). In fact, she has a tattoo of a vagina on her arm, and she’s been known to flash audiences on the regular: something she refuses to feel guilty about.

“The crowds flash me back — guys and girls,” she said. “I shouldn’t need to apologize. Because I’m a woman, I have to. There’s so much more to me than the vagina stuff.”

But that “vagina stuff” is something that makes Tove one of the boldest and most fearless pop stars today, which she knows works in her favor because it means she doesn’t have to worry about her “brand.” “I do think about [censorship],” she admitted. “So many pop stars say, ‘I wanna do this, but my brand won’t allow me.’ I’ve never felt that.”

And it sounds like she never will.

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