Say 'Aloha' To Some Emma Stone/Bradley Cooper Cuteness In This New Trailer

Spoiler alert: Someone's getting lei'd.

Before watching the first trailer for "Aloha," the upcoming Cameron Crowe flick starring Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper, be forewarned: Emma Stone is so stratospherically adorable as a peppy military liaison that it might cause overheating in the cockles of your stony, gray heart.

"Aloha" tells the story of Brian Gilchrest (Cooper), a military contractor who returns to his former stomping grounds in Hawaii in the wake of some sort of catastrophic, career-trajectory-altering screw-up.

While there, he has to address the cold wreckage of a long-ago relationship, and kindles a romance with the Air Force soldier (Stone) assigned to be his watchdog.

There's a lot to love about this first peek at "Aloha": Bradley Cooper is clearly on point in yet another role as a smooth-talking charmer, on the rebound from having torpedoed his own life. Rachel McAdams looks well-cast in the role of his old flame. Bill Murray is wearing sunglasses and peeking around doorjambs; Alec Baldwin is wearing a uniform and screaming about Flava Flave.

Also, did we mention that Emma Stone is a whole new level of cute, here? Wow. Maybe a little warning, next time, before you just crank the adorable up to eleven.

"Aloha" releases May 29.