Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee Lawsuit Thrown Out

April 9 [10:00 EST] -- A district court judge in Los Angeles has tossed out an invasion of privacy suit filed by "Baywatch" star Pamela Anderson and her husband, Motley Crüe's Tommy Lee, against "Penthouse" magazine.

Last year, "Penthouse" ran honeymoon photos of the couple, taken from an explicit videotape tape they'd made of themselves having sex. Anderson and Lee claimed that the tape had been stolen from their home.

Judge Stephen W. Wilson essentially concluded that once celebrities allow media scrutiny of their private lives, they must learn to live with subsequent news coverage.

The judge also dismissed Anderson's claim that the magazine had misappropriated her image by running a photo of her on the cover of the June 1996 issue which contained the video outtakes, because it was done "in conjunction with a news-worthy story.

As the "Penthouse" attorney in the case says, "This decision teaches a vital lesson to those who video themselves having

sex... and take insufficient care with respect to the tapes.

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