Taylor Swift Stays On Top Of 'Billboard' Albums Chart; Fall Out Boy Squeak Into Top 10

Underwhelming debut for FOB's 'Folie a Deux' and Soulja Boy Tell'em's latest.

The last time [artist id="1235716"]Fall Out Boy[/artist] released an album, early 2007's Infinity On High, the Chicago group scored a couple of personal bests: their [article id="1552400"]first #1 debut and a first-week high of nearly 260,000 copies sold[/article].

It's different this time. With very little major competition in a fairly quiet late 2008 release period, FOB's [article id="1596210"]Folie à Deux[/article] will just manage to sneak into the top 10 next week at #8 on sales of just over 149,000, according to figures provided by Nielsen SoundScan.

Despite a single declaring "I Don't Care" and a media blitz that included an [article id="1601338"]aborted free show in a New York park[/article] and some [article id="1601378"]salty bedroom talk[/article] from bassist Pete Wentz on "The Howard Stern Show," FOB were bested in their chart debut by R&B singers Keyshia Cole -- whose Different Me landed at #2 on sales of more than 321,000 -- and Jamie Foxx, whose [article id="1601584"]Intuition[/article] logged 265,000 for a #3 debut.

Holding strong at #1 for the second week was what appears to be the Christmas season go-to album, [artist id="2389485"]Taylor Swift[/artist]'s [article id="1601434"]Fearless,[/article] which logged another 330,000 units, pushing the country singer's album past the 1.8 million in sales mark in just six weeks.

The new debuts squeezed [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist]' [article id="1601037"]Circus[/article] down two spots to #4 on sales of 195,000, pushing Brit's latest close to the one million mark, followed by Beyoncé's I Am ... Sasha Fierce, which dipped two spots, trailing Spears by just over 300 copies.

The rest of the top 10 was merely shuffled, with [artist id="760446"]Nickelback[/artist]'s Dark Horse stumbling two spots down to #6 with 194,000 in sales, followed by the soundtrack to "Twilight" with 155,000, AC/DC's still-strong Black Ice at #9 with 142,000 more satisfied Wal-Mart customers, and the Now 29 compilation rounding out the top 10 with 138,000.

Other debuts outside the top 10 include Plies with Da Realist at #14 on sales of 114,000, followed closely behind by the All-American Rejects' When the World Comes Down, which moved a shade over 111,000. The news was not as good for Souljaboy Tellem, whose [article id="1601667"]iSouljaBoyTellem[/article] quietly debuted at #43 with 45,000 in sales. Punk veterans the Offspring also made it onto the charts, although way down at #186, with just over 8,000 copies of their latest, Rise & Fall, Rage & Grace.

A couple of last week's big debuts took serious hits, with sales of Brandy's Human falling more than 60 percent, dropping from #15 to #66. Musiq Soulchild's On My Radio suffering a similar double-digit plunge in sales, dropping that album from #11 to #52, and Common's Universal Mind Control shedded just under 60 percent of its previous week's sales with 34,000 units shifted, to drop from #12 to #56.

Not surprisingly, it was a week of double-digit gains for a slew of Christmas-themed albums, with titles from Enya, Faith Hills, Elvis Presley, Yo-Yo Ma all enjoying healthy jumps, as well as the soundtrack to "Mamma Mia," which skated up 16 spots to #18 for one of its best sales weeks since its chart debut back in August.

Topping all those critics' year-end lists seems to have helped TV on the Radio, since their Dear Science had its third-best week of sales (4,600) since the album debuted on the charts back in September.