First Family Of 'Twilight' Unveils The Cullen Crest To MTV

Now, the bloodsucking beauties from "Twilight" are ready to join the ranks of the symbolic - and MTV has your first look at The Cullen Crest.

"This is something that's not in the book; it's a little detail in the movie that you are going to glimpse at," explained Peter Facinelli, showing us Carlisle's finger jewelry. "It's a family crest - the Cullen family crest - and each one of us carry it. Mine is in the form of a ring, some of the kids have it on as a bracelet, some have a pendant. Each one of us carries the family Cullen crest."

Designed by director Catherine Hardwicke and her team, the shamrocks-and-lions-powered crest was presented to stars like Facinelli and Nikki Reed, who were then allowed to choose the jewelry their character would wear.

"What we've got up here is we've got this arrow, three shamrocks, a lion, and a hand above the lion," explained Jackson Rathbone, proudly showing off his leather wristband. "What all this means, I don't know. I could make up a lot of stuff, but I don't know."

"We all have one," explained Ashley Greene. "To be honest, it looks real cool."

Over the last few months, Twilighters have been obsessively watching footage of the sizzle reel, the trailer, and the first scene from the movie. Many have never noticed the Cullen Crest, most likely because it doesn’t appear in the book and some fans haven't known to look for it. Now, like a first-timer at the end of “The Sixth Sense,” they’ll be scrambling to go back and look for all the clues they missed.

"In all the school scenes you'll see it," added Greene, who wears it on a necklace much like Nikki Reed.

"I was running so fast in the baseball scene, and [my crest necklace] kept flying all over the place, and then I slid in and it flew up and hit my face," Reed remembered of one scene she had to take it off during. "That didn't work…But we're always wearing it. And Rosalie has the most intense [piece of jewelry]; subtle would not be the right word for it."

Day 2 of our set visit just went live, and you can head over there to see more footage and read additional details about the crest.

Get a good look, Twilighters, because something tells me that in the months to come, the Cullen Crest will be popping up all over t-shirts, jackets, and everywhere else you can imagine. In fact, it may have already gone too far.

"We've actually all got them tattooed on our right butts," Rathbone added with a laugh.

Okay everybody, here's your Twilight Tuesday question of the week: What do you think of the Cullen Crest?

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