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Maisie Williams Has An Awesome Idea For How 'Game Of Thrones' Should End

She also spills on that shocking Season 7 opening scene

Ed Sheeran’s cameo was cool and all, but the real shocker from last night’s Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere happened in the very first scene. (Warning: Spoilers ahead!)

To recap: Arya Stark embraced her full Faceless Men potential to take on the appearance of Walder Frey, a.k.a. the monster who masterminded the Red Wedding. Arya used her disguise to poison Frey’s loyal followers, then pulled off her mask for a reveal that was shocking to even Maisie Williams herself.

“It’s so f—ed up!” the actress told Entertainment Weekly. “Even Arya is surprised she has so much power. In that last moment she’s staring out at all those men dying, she’s turned into a bit more of a monster than she’s ever realized. I don’t think she’s sad about that but she’s got it on her mind.”

Williams added, “When I heard first heard about the Faceless Men, I always thought it would be really cool if she switched faces with a leading character rather than an unknown person’s face. I really hope [viewers] don’t guess it’s her straight away.”

With Arya so clearly in her element, it’s no surprise that Williams has dreamed up an ending where the Stark slayer prevails. The actress revealed her “dream” Game of Thrones ending to EW, saying, “I’ve always had this fantasy in the back of my head — I don’t think it’s a good ending and fans might not like it — but that somebody would sit on the Iron Throne at the end and then they whip their face off and it’s Arya instead. I’ve always had that dream.”

Hmm... Arya would have to kill soooo many more people before she even gets close to that throne (not to mention, an entire army of White Walkers). But something tells us she’s up for the challenge.