Foxy Brown: Lindsay Lohan's Jail Sentence 'Brought Back Tears And Memories'

MC, who spent a year in prison, says, 'My heart goes out to Lindsay Lohan.'

Lindsay Lohan's jail sentence is already close to its conclusion, but the effects of her incarceration are still being felt. The recently-jailed actress received a show of support from a New York tanning salon on Tuesday, and Foxy Brown (herself a former inmate who [article id="1585848"]spent a year at Rikers Island)[/article] also gave Lohan a shout-out when she visited the MTV News office on Tuesday.

"My heart goes out to Lindsay Lohan. I watched her being taken to jail and it brought back tears and memories. It wasn't all negative, I have to say that," Brown, who was [article id="1644615"]arrested again last week[/article], told MTV News. "People just automatically think that prison stereotypically is the worst place. I was unlawfully sent to prison for a year, but I kind of welcomed the serenity when I was sentenced and I knew I had to deal with this."

[article id="1644324"]Like "Hills" star Stephanie Pratt[/article], Brown used the time to better herself and even make some friends. "I said 'You know what? Let me make the best out of this time,' " Brown said. "I'm an avid reader, so I read a lot. And the inmates were amazing. I would sit down with them and we would play cards and converse. Talking to these different women from all walks of life was incredible. There were actually three females I met while in prison who I still write to and keep in contact with."

The rapper -- whose new album Black Roses is scheduled to drop soon -- didn't have any particular advice for Lohan, though she did think the whole situation was unfair.

"When Puff says 'Mo money, mo problems,' it's really true," she said. "It's such a blessing being a celebrity. There are a lot of perks to being a celebrity, but the downside of it? Oh, man. You're constantly targeted. We all need to be law-abiding citizens, but I think each case needs to be ruled by the law, as opposed to this is a celebrity who is doing this and needs to be taught a lesson."

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