'The Expendables' Stars Want Justin Bieber For Sequel

Dolph Lundgren also suggests first-film holdout Jean-Claude Van Damme for the next film -- as their victim.

Where does "Expendables" star Sylvester Stallone turn now, after his cinematic smorgasbord of '80s action giants fire-bombed the competition and [article id="1645778"]won the weekend box-office title[/article]? Can you hear the collective cry of $35 million worth of ticket-buyers? They're calling for a sequel!

Sly has plans to give the people what they want -- he already has [article id="1645786"]a second flick plotted out in his head[/article] -- but for now, he's waiting on even greater box-office bucks and the chance to see which co-stars will return and which fresh faces he can entice to join the crew of gun-totting mercenaries. Stallone's fellow Expendables have some strong ideas about who they want to see in a sequel.

"Justin Bieber!" Terry Crews suggested to MTV News as the actors took over the New York Stock Exchange to ring the opening bell. "I want Justin Bieber! I want Justin Bieber's ass!"

Ya hear that, Bieber? Perhaps before you hop in front of the [article id="1644946"]3-D cameras for your upcoming biopic[/article], you can hang with some old dogs like Stallone, Dolph Lundgren and Crews.

Lundgren, meanwhile, has his eye on a different guy to join the second installment -- one who actually turned down a part in the first flick.

"I'd like to kill [Jean-Claude] Van Damme, please!" Lundgren said.

"He's hunting Van Damme down!" Stallone laughed.

Added Jason Statham: "I'll be the cut man for that!"

Two guys Stallone wants to reprise their roles are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. In fact, Sly revealed he's already been in contact with them about returning for a sequel. "The main thing is to find out who's available, who wants to be in it," he said. "I'm talking to Arnold and Bruce [about] different schedules and other actors. Then you have to bring in some new guys, some young blood.

"I haven't had an opening like this," Stallone added. "To me, it's miraculous. And what sunk in finally is, in this day and age, it's all about concept, it's not about the actor. No one actor can open a movie anymore, so you need the help of your friends. This was a group effort. I had the biggest opening because they helped. That's the name of the game."

Who do you want to see join the Expendables crew for a sequel? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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