Jordana Brewster Talks Swimsuits, Reveals Leatherface's Human Side

'Chainsaw' actress also shares thoughts on sex, violence, refrigerator magnets.

Jordana Brewster's olive skin, raven hair and coffee-colored eyes sent Paul Walker's heart racing in "The Fast and the Furious," her kiss with actress Sara Foster made "D.E.B.S." an acronym worth knowing, and her unique combination of brains, square-jaw strength and beauty continue to make her a rare commodity in Hollywood. Now the actress is relying on every weapon she has, going toe-to-toe with Leatherface and the homicidal Hewitt clan in this week's gory prequel "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning."

Taking a break from washing the blood off her blouse, Brewster took a few minutes to dish on Leatherface's metrosexual tendencies, why she'd never be in a movie called "Head Cheese," and why you'd better not ever call her Spunky, Funky and/or Punky.

MTV: Your terrorized teen, Chrissie, does a lot of screaming while that big metal chainsaw is coming at her. A lot of actors have things they think of to make themselves convincingly cry or scream -- what's your trick?

Jordana Brewster: I actually don't believe in that, oddly enough. [It's] dangerous if you do that, because it could work for you once or twice, but by the fifth time, if you're thinking about your dog, your dog ain't gonna work for you. I actually put myself in her shoes, and it works.

MTV: Leatherface's mask is a mandatory fashion accessory for him. What's the scariest leather object you've ever owned?

Pain In The 'Massacre'
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Brewster: Oh my God [laughs]. I once owned a really, really ugly pair of white leather boots. They were so bad. It was back in the '80s! It was just a really tacky fashion choice when I was in middle school, and I thought it was cool. I'm really embarrassed.

MTV: Leatherface has his chainsaw, and every movie killer needs to have his iconic weapon. If you were to go on a movie-killing spree, what would be your signature slaughter tool?

Brewster: I want to say a blender without the lid on -- that could be really scary.

MTV: You'd just take people and shove their faces in the blender?

Brewster: Yeah, or maybe put their hands in there. I wouldn't kill them, I would just maim them.

MTV: And then you could make them a smoothie afterward.

Brewster: Totally.

MTV: The enormous monster of a man who plays Leatherface, Andrew Bryniarski, likes to terrify the actors on set to get genuine scares out of them while filming. Here's your chance to get him back: What's the most un-scary thing you caught him doing behind-the-scenes?

Brewster: Well, he's got a MySpace page, I know that ... that's not very scary. He also likes hot towels on his face.

MTV: That's so Burke Williams!

Brewster: Yeah, he likes them after he takes his makeup off ... not very monster-like.

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MTV: I don't know if you know this, but the original 1974 "Chainsaw" was going to be called "Head Cheese" and ...

Brewster: Whoa! Are you serious?!

MTV: Yeah, [director] Tobe Hooper changed it at the last minute before it was released.

Brewster: Wow. Why would it be "Head Cheese"? That's so weird ... I don't think I would've done "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" if it were called "Head Cheese" -- I'm not going to lie.

MTV: Why is "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" a more appropriate title?

Brewster: Because it's a massacre that occurred in Texas and it involved a chainsaw.

MTV: It was kind of like the original "Snakes on a Plane."

Brewster: [laughs] Exactly.

MTV: Currently, eBay is selling a Jordana Brewster refrigerator magnet. The bidding is up to $1.87 -- is it overpriced, or the bargain of a lifetime?

Brewster: [laughs] Wow, that's really impressive. It's the bargain of a lifetime, I'd say.

MTV: Your mother was a model who was on the cover of the 1978 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Two years later, you were born -- so were you the baby that took away her swimsuit bod?

Brewster: I was the first child, but I didn't ruin it ... she actually gave it up because she didn't want to model anymore, but she's still in shape for sure.

MTV: You're about the same age now that she was then. Who could pull off a swimsuit better?

Brewster: I'd just give her that title immediately. I spare myself the aggravation ... she's really proud [of my career]. She saw the movie the other day, and she loved it because she loves "CSI" and blood and guts and gore. She was really into it.

MTV: You got your start on soaps like "All My Children" and "As the World Turns." So which is scarier: cheesy soap-opera dialogue or Leatherface?

Brewster: Leatherface ... [but those shows prepared me] because there was a lot of crying on the soaps. They were excellent training for a horror film. ... They had to pull me back sometimes and say, "Jordana, stop crying!" At some points, I'd start and it was too much ... but crying is really cathartic; it's actually really fun.

MTV: Looking over past articles written about you, a lot of headline writers went for "Spunky" Brewster or "Funky" Brewster. I bet you had to put up with those nicknames a lot as a kid.

Brewster: I think the play on words for "Punky" Brewster has definitely played itself out. I did [get teased], and then there was always the "Brewster's Millions" jokes as well.

MTV: So do you consider yourself to be more funky, spunky or punky?

Brewster: [laughs] Spunky, maybe? I don't know. I'm not any of them.

MTV: Not even punky?

Brewster: I don't even know what punky means. I was living in Brazil when that show was on the air ... not too much "Punky Brewster" in Brazil.

MTV: A magazine picked you as the #96 sexiest woman in the world in 2002. In 2005 you reached #56 in another magazine, but most recently you slipped back down to #59. What are you doing this year to be sexier?

Brewster: Um, praying. I'm saying my rosary every day. I'm also pouting a lot.

MTV: Good call. Pouting is sexy.

Brewster: Exactly. That's what I'm hoping for.

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