Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Sought Therapy After The Death Of Their Puppy

The pair loved their pooch dearly

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner may have been in the middle of enjoying married life together, but that didn't keep tragedy from striking.

Unfortunately, the pair's Alaskan Klee Kai puppy Waldo Picasso ended up passing away on Saturday (July 27) after being hit by a car in what a rep for the couple has called a "freak accident."

The dog (former sibling to Sophie and Joe's other puppy Porky Basquiat) was reportedly stricken and killed by a vehicle after breaking free from his leash and running into the street.

"Their dog walker had Waldo on a leash when the dog got spooked by a pedestrian, broke free, ran into the street and was struck by a vehicle," TMZ originally reported. Tragically, the dog passed away following the accident, which lead to Joe and Sophie waiting nearly two days to report it since they were grieving so heavily. They reportedly sought treatment from a therapist after the accident occurred.

The pair had originally adopted Waldo as their second puppy back in April 2018, making the choice to welcome him into the family from the same litter as their other dog Porky. Waldo had his own personal Instagram account that had already amassed over 45,000 followers before he passed away, with just one photo.

In more unfortunate news, the driver who hit the pair's beloved pooch and fled the scene last week won't end up facing criminal charges, as the animal is considered property. It's a heartbreaking turn of events for the now-wedded pair, who have made it very clear time and time again how much they love their animals, even making Waldo's brother Porky Basquiat a part of their wedding.

Here's to hoping time can heal Joe and Sophie's wounds quickly, and we'll all hug our pups a little tighter tonight in Waldo's honor. Rest in peace, sweet boy.