Watch A Daughter Explain The Heartbreaking Reality Of Sexism And Violence To Her Dad

#DearDaddy is one of the most important (and emotionally exhausting) videos you'll watch this week.

In the opening shots of #DearDaddy, a new video from advocacy organization CARE Norway, you hear a soft voice of an unborn daughter tell her father that she knows he already tries "harder Superman" to keep her safe, but that she wanted to give him to ask him a favor:

"Warning: It's about boys," she says, adding that by the time she turns 14 she'll already be intimately familiar with the misogynistic and hateful vocabulary that those boys inherited from their fathers -- the names, the gestures, the "jokes" that seem harmless. ("It's just for fun of course.")

Youtube / CARE Norway


In fact, she adds, it's pretty likely that her father also told those kind of jokes and acted in that way. But, she says, it's "no wonder" that she'll encounter boys who internalize those jokes, that she'll experience sexual assault(s) well before she turns 21.

"And, although I say 'no,' they just laugh," she says. "It's funny, right?"

Youtube / CARE Norway


But this story, painfully familiar as it is, is far from over. The daughter meets and falls in love with "Mr. Perfect," who is everything a father would probably want for his daughter's partner -- until he isn't.

And even though, she says, she "has a Ph.D., a fantastic job and [is] loved by friends and family" it doesn't mean she's immune to being the victim of domestic violence or that she won't internalize that casual, insidious sexism and wonder if it's all somehow her fault.

Youtube / CARE Norway

Dear Daddy3

Which is why, she says, she's asking her father (and, let's be honest:every father, mother, adult) to do something: "Don't let my brothers call girls whores -- because they're not. Because someday, some little boy might think it's true. Don't accept insulting jokes by weird guys by the pool, or even friends, because behind every joke there's always some truth."

Youtube / CARE Norway


(If you're the ugly-crying type, maybe save this for your favorite cry spot. You've been warned.)

Watch the full video here:

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