Michael Sheen Explains Aro's Crazy Laugh in 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2'

There have been many supervillains who have laughed maniacally throughout the years as they conduct their various diabolical schemes. But the most crazy maniacal laugh of all time may be the one you hear in the "Twilight" finale.

Michael Sheen, who plays Volturi bigwig Aro, takes insane cackling to a whole new level in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2." Hearing it may make you feel like you're going off the deep end yourself (or may send you giggling into hysteria, if you're like some of us).

Where did this glorious noise come from? Sheen says it's something of a victory cry over centuries of boredom.

"I like the idea that, at times, for someone who has been alive centuries and centuries, one of the biggest problems is boredom," Sheen told NextMovie in our recent interview. "He's sort of seen everything and done everything. So when something new comes along, something surprising, then I think it would fill someone with delight. For a character who is so in control most of the time, there is something completely out of control inside. When something unexpected happens that delights him, that sort of hysterical quality can come out. In a laugh, it's a perfect, economical way of showing that."

Well, OK, that makes sense. But the sound itself doesn't. It reminds us of some sort of cross between Excited Autotune Dog and Howard Dean screaming.

What do you think? Did Aro have you cackling or wimpering? And, more importantly, what did that crazy laugh sound like to you?

Reporting by Robert DeSalvo

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