E-40 Comments On Denver Club Shooting

'E-40 and [his] camp are unable to control the poor and tragic choices that other adults choose to make,' rapper's manager says.

Bay Area rapper [artist id="6431"]E-40[/artist] is emphatically denying any involvement or affiliation with the [article id="1601883"]shooting incident[/article] that occurred outside a Denver nightclub following his performance over the weekend. 40 and his manager, Chaz Hayes, issued a statement to MTV News on Monday night stating the rapper's innocence.

"E-40 and [his] management want to state unequivocally that E-40 and his camp were uninvolved in the unfortunate incident at Club Vinyl in Denver on Dec. 27, 2008," the message read. "Neither E-40 nor anyone traveling with him was in the venue at the time. In fact, E-40 had concluded his performance and [had] been back in the hotel room."

According to multiple reports, five people were wounded on the night in question, when an unidentified gunman fired shots into a crowd as patrons were leaving the venue. 9 News in Denver reported that the shooting occurred at approximately 2 a.m. with close to 100 concertgoers outside the premises. One of the victims is believed to be listed in critical condition.

A witness to the shootings told the Rocky Mountain News that bouts of violence and police presence are common at Club Vinyl. At least six incidents have been reported to authorities in the last six months stemming from activity at Club Vinyl.

Although the normally low-key rapper's name is now linked to the unfortunate events in Denver, as of press time, E-40 has not been questioned by police. His management said there were no signs during his time in Colorado that would have forecast this tragic turn of events.

"During his time at the venue, and in fact during the trip to Denver as a whole, [E-40] encountered nothing but love and gave nothing but love back," Hayes said in an e-mail. "E-40 had a crowd-pleasing and peaceful show. While he certainly regrets that this incident took place, E-40 and [his] camp are unable to control the poor and tragic choices that other adults choose to make."