If 'Suicide Squad' Gets A Sequel, Here’s Who Should Play Poison Ivy


Everyone's making a big deal out of getting to see Harley interact with the Joker on the big screen in "Suicide Squad" (though of course, not everyone's necessarily happy about it). But here's what I want to know: when are we getting a new Poison Ivy?

The iconic Batman villain is incredibly popular among comic book fans, especially for her less-than-platonic relationship with Harley Quinn. And yes, that's confirmed! In June this year, "Harley Quinn" comic writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Connor brought called them "girlfriends" during a Twitter question and answer session on the DC Comics Twitter. Whee!


Despite her popularity, Poison Ivy's only had one theatrical appearance -- Uma Thurman in "Batman and Robin," which basically killed the first Batman franchise back in the '90s. And she hasn't didn't get much in the way of a second chance in the wake of Nolan's gritty, realistic Batflicks, either.

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Now it's clear that DC is going full-on superpowers with their new movies, so there's plenty of room for everybody again! And considering how popular Harley Quinn is as a character and how much attention she's been getting in all the hype for "Suicide Squad," a new Pamela Isley (or Ivy Pepper, if you're a "Gotham" fan) would be a welcome addition to the shared universe. Heck, she was even a part of the Suicide Squad in the comics for a hot second in 1989, so it totally works.

So assuming that the criminals in Task Force X get themselves a sequel some time, here's who we think would be best paired alongside Margot Robbie in another future "Batman"-inspired film. Hey, maybe after "Batman V Superman" and "Suicide Squad" we could get a "Gotham City Sirens" movie? Think about it, Warner Brothers.

Holland Roden

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Lydia on "Teen Wolf" is a chemistry whiz who's also a Banshee and whose supernatural powers keep drawing her towards murder scenes. That seems like more than enough experience to play a member of the Gotham City Sirens.

Karen Gillan

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She has experience playing both a badass villain in "Guardians of the Galaxy" AND a sexy redhead in "Doctor Who." Basically all we need is one part Nebula, one part Amy Pond, and a whole lot of plants.

Isla Fisher

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Fisher might be better known for her comedic roles, but that's a good thing -- after all, she's going to need to keep up with the likes of Harley Quinn.

Eva Green

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Green is rocking it on "Penny Dreadful" these days, but she can take a quick break from her dark hair and Victorian sensibilities to go back to red for a bit and really vamp it up in Gotham. Also, her name is already Green, so it's perfect.

Gillian Anderson

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True, Gillian's just a teeny bit older than everyone else I've suggested -- but not that much older than Ben Affleck and Jared Leto, so wouldn't she make sense as a villain from Gotham's heydey? Plus, have you ever seen her in any TV show ever in your life? Because if you have then you know this is a perfect fit because Gillian Anderson is a genius goddess of wisdom and passion and amazingness. Let's just cast her right now. You're welcome. End of list.

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