Taylor Swift And Jake Gyllenhaal Reportedly Split

"They're over," a source told People. "It ended last month."

Though neither have confirmed the split (which isn't surprising since they never confirmed they were dating in the first place), People reports the two spent New Year's apart (she in Nashville, he in New York) and were last spotted together on December 9.

The couple got people talking back in October when they were first spotted attending a taping of "SNL" together. A series of "Top Chef"-worthy dates followed: a lunch at Al Di La restaurant in NYC, an ice cream social in California, maple lattes in Brooklyn and breakfast in Nashville. Perhaps they broke up to prevent further expansion of their waistlines?

Honestly, we can't really decide whether we're bummed about this breakup or not. The two were so tight-lipped about their short-lived relationship, it was impossible to get a read on their romance. On the bright side, we no longer have to feel guilty about those Jake dreams we've been having recently (thank you, "Love and Other Drugs")...

What do you think, Crushers? Are you sad to see Taylor and Jake part ways? Or did you think they were an odd couple to begin with? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!