Pink Vs. Adam Lambert: Who Has The Better 'Whataya Want From Me'?

The international edition of Pink's upcoming Greatest Hits ... So Far!!! collection will include her version of Adam Lambert's megahit "Whataya Want From Me." It's a song she recorded (and ultimately dropped) from her 2008 Funhouse album before handing it off to Lambert, who turned it into a platinum-seller.

Pink's rendition is nearly identical to Adam's. (Listen to snippets in the embedded video below.) The biggest difference is a pronoun switch in the chorus. One can only assume Pink's version -- which she co-wrote with Max Martin -- includes the original lyrics: "He messed me up" versus Adam's generic "It messed me up." (In hindsight, it's a bummer that Team Lambert felt the need to "straighten" the song.)

The official release on Pink's part is curious, mostly because Adam's single is a hit worldwide. It's one thing if Europe was unfamiliar with the "American Idol" alum and his music, but the dude has made a splash there. In fact, his Glam Nation Tour is playing to sold-out European crowds at this very moment.

Also, both Pink and Lambert are backed by the same exact instrumental track. Her take doesn't offer anything new, other than giving ammo to haters who like to point out that "Idol" stars often get pop star throwaways for their debut albums. (Those people need to cool it. Britney recorded "Umbrella" before Rihanna released it, and there's a demo of Katy Perry singing Kelly Clarkson's "I Do Not Hook Up" floating out there. Pop tunes make the rounds before they find a home, regardless of the quality of the song.)

If anything, "Whataya Want From Me" proves that Adam and Pink are both killer vocalists who should team up on a song sooner rather than later. Imagine the rock duet they could come up with! Imagine the music video!


Which "Whataya Want From Me" do you want? Do you think Pink would have had similar success with the song had she released it as a single two years ago? And who do we have to bribe, beg, and/or sleep with to ensure a PinkBert duet happens? Sound off below! And for more pop culture and "Idol" ramblings, follow me on Twitter @jambajim!

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