Puff Daddy Speaks About The Lox's Departure From Bad Boy

New York rap trio the Lox, once touted as hip-hop's hardcore representatives on Sean "Puffy" Combs' Bad Boy Records label, have finally defected from Puffy's world to join the Ruff Ryders crew associated with fellow Yonkers native DMX.

The members of the Lox, who've appeared on a number of Ruff Ryders records, had long been vocal about their desire to leave Bad Boy; when the Ruff Ryders acts turned up at a New York radio summer jam concert in June, they were all wearing t-shirts bearing the message, "Let The Lox Go."

MTV News' Chris Connelly met up with Puffy in Los Angeles last week, and he asked the Lox's former label boss about the situation.

[article id="1441798"]"The Lox situation, it's just didn't work out,"[/article] Puffy replied to Connelly. [article id="1441798"]"That's nothing new to any record company. Hopefully the press won't try to dramatize that. Any record label and you have twenty acts, one, two, three of the acts aren't

going to be happy. And it may be a situation that you can work out. We tried to work the situation out; it didn't work out. So we're in the process of selling them right now. And they are still to me some of the hottest rappers out. I wish them the best of luck. I'm sorry it didn't work out." [RealVideo][/article]

The trio will now (presumably) sign with Interscope Records, the company that distributes the various Ruff Ryders projects.

-Andrea Duncan

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