Donald Glover On Just For Laughs, Justin Bieber And Being A Rising Comedy Star

7.7 million views for that YouTube sketch later, Glover finds himself a rising comedy star. No exaggeration. This year's Just for Laughs comedy festival in Montreal is honoring the 26-year-old as its Rising Comedy Star of the Year. Things have been going pretty well for the guy as of late. He stars in NBC's "Community," his comedy troupe continues to pump out click-attracting web videos and earlier this month he found himself the focus of an Internet campaign to land the role of Peter Parker in the upcoming "Spider-Man" reboot.

But there's something about that Bro Rap video that Glover just can't escape. And he's cool with that. Glover heads to Just for Laughs — which is also honoring Aziz Ansari as Breakout Star of the Year and three "Glee" scribes as Comedy Writer of the Year — starting on July 12 for six straight days of stand-up performances. Before he heads north of the border, Glover gave MTV News a call to chat about what he has planned for Montreal, his plans for the future and his beef with Justin Bieber.

MTV: You're being honored as the Rising Comedy Star of the Year. Are you working on being a huge prima donna, mean to the little people?

Donald Glover: The only reason I'm here is because I've always been really mean to the little people. I've only made it this far because I've always been extremely self-centered. It's all about me. It's an accident that I'm on this phone call. I thought this was a meeting with Madonna, Ray J and Aziz Ansari.

MTV: I'm sorry to disappoint you. You can curse at me if you want.

Glover: I will later. Don't worry.

MTV: So the Just for Laughs press release says you're going to be, "The Next Big Thing." Are you like waiting in line or something? Who's about to make way for you?

Glover: Justin Bieber. Me and him have fighting words coming. He took my spot. I had that demographic. I had the young, Canadian girls going aflutter and then suddenly Justin Bieber comes and takes it. It's fine. I'm getting it back.

MTV: It's hard to compete with that hair.

Glover: I used to have that hair and people were like, "You look like Chris Tucker in 'The Fifth Element. That's not working for you."

MTV: What's your plan for the festival?

Glover: I'm doing an hour of stand-up each day. It's my new stand-up hour called, "Gross," where I say a bunch of horrible, awful things. They're really dirty. I hope people aren't expecting what I do on "Community." It's going to be a lot more about things that start with a "p" and end with an "ussy." It's called "Gross" because I feel like that's exactly what my mom would say.

MTV: Give us an idea of how gross it gets...

Glover: One thing I do that people seem to be responding to is when I talk about which is better, having AIDS or a baby? That one is really popular. I'm really excited about AIDS vs. a baby.

MTV: Now that you're a rising star, what do you want to do and look back in 20 years and say, "I accomplished that"?

Glover: Hopefully in 20 years, I won't look back and be just known as the Bro Rape guy. I'm fine with being the Bro Rape guy. But I don't just want to be the Bro Rape guy. I want, in 20 years, for people to be like, "Wow, can you believe the Bro Rape guy won an Oscar?" That'll be really nice. I want my grandkids to say, "Oh wow, Grandpa Donald won an Oscar but he's also bro rapping a dude on YouTube."